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Crickets for a cause

WheelchairBy Karah Wilson


RAINSVILLE, Ala—Rev. Ronnie Murdock has been the pastor of Rainbow Chapel of Mountain Lakes Resort in Guntersville for the past six years. Back in 2004, Murdock was in a severe truck driving accident that left him handicapped. Murdock used an older motorized chair until it gave out on him earlier this year.

Sid Williams is a is a resident of Rainsville and a Cricket Scooter salesman associated with the Wilco in Rainsville. Williams was at a sales event at Mount Lake Resort in Guntersville when he ran into Rev. Murdock. He noticed the chair Murdock had at the time was unfit for his church’s terrain. Williams and his wife Kim wanted to give Murdock a Cricket. Jimmy Sparks, a friend of Williams for several years, was at the event as well and volunteered to help make the idea a reality. Sparks and Williams decided they would find a way to purchase a scooter for Murdock. Sparks later told Murdock’s congregation of what they wanted to do. “Ten days later God had blessed us with what we needed,” Sparks said.

Williams and Sparks want to personally thank all of those who supported the cause and helped them purchase the Cricket scooter for Rev. Murdock.


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