The Simple Act of Giving

The Simple Act of Giving

By Marla Jones, Reporter • (Photo by Marla Jones)

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — In the midst of all the turkey and dressing, the true meaning of Thanksgiving can get lost in the woodwork. For one Fort Payne business, the focus this year has been put back on the simple act of giving.

Fort Payne Footworks owner Jack Davidson saw the need for coats as we head in the harshest cold months of the year. At his business, simply by purchasing a brand new winter coat, Davidson made sure to donate another brand new coat to children in foster care.

Davidson asked that instead of cleaning out your closet and putting the items on Facebook for sale that you consider donating those clothes to the Salvation Army, who help so many during this time of year. He would like to thank all of those who bought and helped contribute a little bit to this big cause.

Thank you Jack Davidson and Fort Payne Footworks for being a torchbearer on this issue and reminding all of us of what is important during this time of year!