The Gift

The Gift

By Zachary Hester, Art Director

As the weather begins to chill and the frost starts to appear on the windshields of our cars in the morning, we know what season is coming: Christmas. For my family, we pick up a freshly cut tree and drag the many plastic tubs full of decor from the shed at the back of our house. We lace the lights and garland around the tree and I once again argue that we should have a theme instead of placing the many homemade ornaments on our living room’s new centerpiece.

Though I consistently make my case for a tree full of bright decorations and splendor, God humbles me nearly every year about what this season is really about. It’s not about the decor of our tree, or the cartons of eggnog, or even the numerous Christmas parties and programs happening throughout the community. It’s about gathering together with family and friends as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As families across the world sit down for Christmas meals, let’s not forget the reason for the season. Let’s not focus on all the trivial rituals we have come to know like jumping out of bed on Christmas morning to see the presents that Santa brought us. Yes, of course, gifts are exciting, but the only true gift that we need in this life is the salvation of King Jesus.

The title “The Greatest Story Ever Told” is thrown around quite a bit during this time of year, and while I certainly agree that the the gospels’ account of Christ’s birth is truly the best story of all time, I would rather see the title, “The Greatest Gift Ever Given.” The moment that the Word became flesh and a simple stable became the vessel for a virgin birth, humanity received the gift that would ensure that those who believed would be able to receive everlasting life.

This Christmas season as you gather with loved ones for fellowship, I hope you remember what this season is truly about. It’s about the greatest gift you could ever receive, if you choose to believe. It’s about attaining a faith that is able of moving mountains and splitting the sea. It’s about Jesus.