Thank Your Teachers!

Thank Your Teachers!

PHOTO: (Southern Torch)

By Zach Hester, Reporter

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. — It seems like every day or week, we simply pass over another *insert job/person here* week without so much as a glance. As we celebrate our teachers this week, just know that the educators among us are not part of the groups that we can discuss. They deserve our appreciation now more than ever.

Teachers give us more knowledge, confidence, and encouragement than we will ever know. In the wake of prominent issues coming up surround schools at our national political level, it's important to remember and appreciate the faces of the people who have our back every day in and out of the classroom.

DeKalb County Schools issued a brief statement of appreciation to ALL our county school teachers:

"Our teachers spend countless hours each year, in and out of the classroom, preparing bulletin boards, classrooms, lesson plans, grading papers and investing in your student, our DeKalb County student body. We are thankful for all their hard work. Consider taking some time this week to thank a teacher in your life that has made a difference, as well as encouraging your child/student to do the same! Thank you teachers for all you do! We are #DeKalbCountyProud!"

When asked about her favorite memory as a teacher, Crossville English Teacher Megan Stone said, "I was teaching poetry, my favorite part of literature, and I was attempting to get the kids to grasp the concept of scansion and meter. The kids were very overwhelmed, but when I compared it to real-life applications such as ocean waves and beats in a song... it was like 25+ light bulbs went off at the same time. The students picked it up so quickly. It is in these moments that I find the most joy in my profession."

Stone said she feels that building relationships with students will encourage them to work harder and accomplish things that they never believed they could. Especially when they have someone right in front of them cheering them on.

"It goes beyond curriculum," Stone said recalling a memory of consoling a student after the sudden passing of the student's parent. "Sometimes it is about loving others and watching them thrive. If I had to choose over again, I'd still choose teaching."

We can never thank teachers enough, but we can take a special moment this week during National Teacher Appreciation Week to share our support for the great educators in our lives.

To join the National Education Association (NEA) and the National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in saying "Thank You" this week, visit to see how you can show your appreciation to the teacher who's changed your life.