Memories of Mayberry

Memories of Mayberry

Submitted by The Town of Valley Head

VALLEY HEAD, Ala. — Mayberry started in June 2017 when Mayor Lamar Bray got the Council to transform the Town of Valley Head, Ala. into Mayberry for a one-day event called "Memories of Mayberry." The main goal of the event is raising money for the Valley Head Volunteer Fire Department (VFD). 

We started out the first year with lots of help from all around, the next year, there were a few things we wanted to add or re-group before the next one. 

Woodmen of the World placed new flagpoles across from City Hall in honor of Ovie Blalock. Mr. Blalock has done many things for the town over the years, and a dedication marker was positioned in the front of the flagpoles in his honor. Whitney Tinker started everything off with singing the National Anthem then Johnny Miller of Woodmen of the World presented a dedication to Ovie Blalock. 

It was one hot day in June! We had Barney, Floyd the Barber, Otis, The Darlings, antique cars, music, vendors, auctions, and surprise guests! 

We do not want to leave out some of key supporters that helped make this possible: Raymond and Shannon Beasley of Beasley Signs, along with the Town of Mentone. 

Therefore, after a successful first year, we agreed to try for the second and see if we could even raise more money for the VFD. The downside to this was we had to purchase several things instead of borrowing items, so we did not do as well financially. For the third year, we purchased new things to use and now we would not be out so much. We had the same agenda for it as well. 

This year's "Memories of Mayberry" will be held on Saturday, May 2. We welcome everyone to help us and make it a great success for our VFD. We would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible!

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