Kirby Named Beta Club Vice President

Kirby Named Beta Club Vice President

Marla Jones, Managing Editor

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.-- Dekalb County Schools District brought home a total of 95 awards/recognitions from the Alabama State Junior Beta Convention.  

Jase Kirby was named the State Vice-President.  Kirby is a fourth grader at Sylvania School.  He presented a speech and campaign skit to win the title. 

The following schools had students receive awards: 

Sylvania (20)

State Vice-President: Jase Kirby

1st Place Campaign Skit

1st Place Performing Arts Variety Act: Colin Parham and Oakley Dupree

1st Place Mixed Media: Asa Pettyjohn

1st Place Onsite Drawing: Henry Tate Talley

1st Place Quilling Elementary: Tenley McKee

1st Place Recyclable Art Junior: Anslee Pettyjohn

2nd Place Elementary Trading Pin

2nd Place Color Photography: Anslee Pettyjohn

3rd Place 4th Grade Spanish: Tenley Talley

3rd Place Jewelry: Riley Cole

3rd Place Language Arts 8th Grade: Emma Rae Sensor

4th Place Quiz Bowl Elementary: Cruz Edmonds, Asa Pettyjohn, Riley Cole, Henry Tate Talley

4th Place Performing Arts Small Group: Oakley Dupree, Aubrey Morgan, Anslee Pettyjohn, Hayden Thomas

4th Place Marketing and Communications: Asa Pettyjohn, Cruz Edmonds, Braylin Blake, Tenley Mckee

4th Place Junior Engineering: Aubrey Blake, Lane Clark, Emma Guffey, McKinley Moses

5th Place 5th Grade Spanish: Lavery Frisbee

5th Place Drawing: Hagen Welden

Premier Performer: Oakley Dupree

Convention Growth Award

Henagar (13)

1st Place Elementary Club Trading Pin

1st Place Elementary Service Learning

2nd Place Songfest

2nd Place Speech: McKenna Mitchell

2nd Place Elementary Banner

3rd Place Junior Club Trading Pin

4th Place Junior Banner

4th Place Elementary Service Learning

4th Place Digital Photography: Cason Ridgeway

5th Place Junior Portfolio

5th Place Sculpture: Carson Ward

5th Place Digital Photography: Carson Ward

Convention Growth Award

Valley Head (28)

1st Place Mixed Media Junior: Annabelle Gifford

1st Place Painting: Addison Shoults

1st Place Pottery: Addison Shoults

1st Place 5th Grade Science: Addison Shoults

2nd Place 5th Grade Social Studies: Elizabeth Bailey

2nd Place Junior Service Learning

2nd Place Junior Banner

2nd Place Quiz Bowl Junior

2nd Place Elementary Apparel Design

2nd Place Jewelry: Alyana DeSantis

2nd Place 4th Grade Math: Braxtin Meadows

3rd Place Poetry Elementary: Elizabeth Bailey

3rd Place Elementary Banner

3rd Place Black & White Photography: Elizabeth Bailey

3rd Place Fiber Arts: Nelly Rosales

3rd Place Mixed Media: Addison Shoults

4th Place 3-D Elementary

4th Place Elementary Service Learning

4th Place 6th Grade Science: Maddie Hamidian

4th Place Poetry Junior: Annabelle Gifford

4th Place Color Photography: Addison Shoults

4th Place Musicology Junior

5th Place Jewelry: Darryn Battles

5th Place Musicology Elementary

5th Place Woodworking Elementary: Kenneth Taylor

5th Place Woodworking Junior: Aubree Price

5th Place Onsite Painting: Adyson Hughes

5th Place Quilling Junior: Kylah Ogle

Ider (17)

1st Place Performing Arts Duo- Junior

1st Place Performing Arts Instrumental- Elementary

1st Place Quilling Junior: Bailey Smalley

1st Place Recyclable Art Elementary: Kaislee York

2nd Place Performing Arts Elementary Small Group

3rd Place Quilling Elementary: Aleah Holley

3rd Place Language Arts 5th Grade: Brinlee Taylor

3rd Place Living Literature Junior

3rd Place Onsite Drawing: Hudson Thompson

4th Place 4th Grade Social Studies: Jaxon Phillips

5th Place Elementary Apparel Design:Trinity Welden

5th Place Creative Writing: Addison Brockus

5th Place Hand Drawn Anime: Eli Wilbanks

5th Place 4th Grade Math: Paislee Brockus

5th Place Mixed Media Junior: Brynlee McGaugh

Premier Performers: Kelbi Watkins & Alexa Brown

Convention Growth Award

Geraldine (8)

1st Place Performing Arts Large Group

2nd Place Elementary Songfest

2nd Place 4th Grade Language Arts: Saylor Westbrook

3rd Place Digital Art: Kennedy Mayfield

4th Place Pottery: Bryleigh Hill

2nd Place 4th Grade Social Studies: Graham Jordon

5th Place Language Arts 5th Grade: Sarah Chandler

5th Place 6th Grade Social Studies: Gabryel Lewis

Plainview (7)

1st Place Pottery: Jadie Lindsey

1st Place Engineering: Billy Horton, Cain Armstrong, Connor Noles, Sawyer Stone, Hayden Subias

2nd Place: Campaign Skit

2nd Place Pottery: Aubrie Hiett

2nd Place 7th Grade Science: Sam Willmon

3rd Place Creative Writing: Ivee Bell

Convention Growth Award

Ruhama (2)

2nd Place Onsite Drawing: Alyssa Banther

5th Place Mixed Media Junior: Leah Hood

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