Construction to begin on Rainsville Ace Hardware location!

Construction to begin on Rainsville Ace Hardware location!

PHOTO: The future Ace Hardware of Rainsville will be next to "Fifty Taters" on Highway 35. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — Yesterday, bulldozers were moved into the vacant lot next to "Fifty Taters," on Highway 35, before reaching the main intersection with Highway 75 in Rainsville. Rainsville resident Michael Rastall posted a sign stating, "Coming soon, Ace Hardware!"

We got in touch with Rastall shortly after to discuss the new hardware store coming to town. He and his fiancee, Lydia Giffords, are breaking ground on the new hardware location. Rastall's family had formerly owned Burger King's in Rainsville and Fort Payne.

After being asked what made him decide to open an ACE Hardware in Rainsville, Rastall related that he had been looking to purchase a business in Fort Payne that didn't work out, and, "we had already been looking at ACE a little bit, and we pulled the trigger on this."

"ACE as a brand, as company, is really family-orientated. They are big on being involved in the community and really giving back to the community where they can, at the store level," said Rastall. "That was one thing that was always big with us with the Burger King's. They let us involved be involved with the schools whenever we could. That's another thing, it's a big thing with ACE too.

"We finally pulled the trigger back in March, after we went to the convention. After hearing a speech by the company president and talking to other ACE owner's, it was really a no-brainer," he explained.

"Right now we're still about six weeks away from getting our building delivered, and then it's just that the weather works with us. We're looking to open early October, is our best guess right now, to be open for the holidays," said Rastall.

Rastall was then asked if he felt good about opening a business in Rainsville, to which he responded, "I felt there was a need for it in the community. ACE as a brand provides so many services, and I felt like there was a need for it in the community. I feel like Rainsville is growing, and I want to be a part of that."

"Me and my fiancee, love living in Rainsville. I've lived up here since 2005," he added. "If I can get something up here in Rainsville, I won't drive to Fort Payne for it. And the more we can keep business in town, the more revenue we generate for the city."

Rastall also noted that most Ace Hardware store's aren't the same. There are varying store sizes and inventory. He stated that his store would feature "Big Green Eggs," screen repair, and possible small engine repair in the future. The new location will be a "Core" Store, which will be 10,000 square feet, with 8,000 square feet of inventory, and an additional 5000 square foot garden center.

"It usually depends on what the market needs," he added. "We want to provide what we see the community needs."

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