BOE approves budget
September 17, 2018
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BOE approves budget

By Marla Jones, Reporter • (Photo by Marla Jones)

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — (Full Videos on our Facebook) The DeKalb County Board of Education held their regularly scheduled meeting on September 13, 2018.

During the workshop session, Anthony Cooper presented the final budget summary and gave the audience the opportunity to ask questions and concerns.  

The Board also discussed concerns regarding Dress Code for teachers and support personnel. No changes were made and clarification was made that the code was the interpretation of the Principal of each school.

In the regular session of the meeting, the Board approved the presented 2018-2019 Budget.  

The Board approved a bid by Stewart Signs for a LED sign for DeKalb County Career Technology Center, in the amount of $18,028.

The DeKalb County Board of Education made the following recommendations and approvals during the meeting:


  • Tine Smith-CNP Assistant Manager-Sylvania High School-0 Days
  • Kay Carr-CNP Assistant Manager-Crossville Elementary School-0 Days


  • Deana Broyles-Secondary English Language Arts and Remediation Teacher-Retirement
  • Brenda Cox-Itinerant Special Education Aide-Plainview High School-Resignation
  • Phillip Pointer-Assistant Custodian-Crossville Middle School-Resignation
  • Lindsey Haygood-CNP Workers-Collinsville High School-Resignation

Leave of Absence:

  • Ashley Conde- Pre-K Teacher-Valley Head School (10/29/18-1/3/19)
  • Mary Dixon- P.E. Teacher-Moon Lake Elementary School (8/1/18-9/28/18)
  • Jerry Poe-Bus Driver-Sylvania High School (8/20/18-11/9/18)
  • Ashlie Bryant-Middle School Science Teacher-Crossville Middle School (10/22/18-12/6/18)
  • Brook Davidson-Elementary Teacher-Geraldine School (9/10/18-11/30/18)
  • Stacey Dover-Elementary Secretary- Plainview School (8/1/18-11/1/18)
  • Joni Davis-Secondary Mathematics Teacher- Geraldine High School (11/5/18-5/24/19)


  • Jason Mayfield from Chief of Staff for the System to High School Principal-Geraldine High
  • Abbey Thomas from Library Media Specialist to Ider Instructional Coach for System
  • Rob Hullett from Elementary Teacher at Fyffe to Instructional Coach for System



  • Natalie Silva-Secondary English Language Arts/EL Teacher-Crossville High School
  • Joanna Howell-Elementary Teacher-Crossville Middle School
  • Dr. Cara Whitehead-Assistant Principal-Crossville Middle School


  • Heather Conkle-Instructional Aide-Ruhama Jr. High
  • Pamela McClain- CNP Worker-Collinsville High School
  • Nikia Butler-CNP Worker-Collinsville High School
  • Sonya Smith-Assistant Secretary-Plainview (filling a leave)
  • Ashley Swain-Itinerant Special Education Aide-Fyffe Special Services Center

Coaching Supplements:

(Collinsville High School)

  • Ernie Willingham-Head Football
  • Shane Stewart-Assistant Football, Baseball, JV Baseball
  • Riley Edwards-Assistant Football
  • Chris Conde-Junior Football
  • Jon Tidmore-Head Girls Basketball, Head Boys Basketball
  • Tracy Hulgan-Assistant Boys Basketball, 9th Boys Basketball, 8th Boys Basketball, 7th Boys Basketball, JV Girls basketball, Jr High Girls Basketball
  • Casey Isbell-Head Volleyball
  • Heather Prince-B Team Volleyball, Jr High Volleyball
  • Claire Chandler-Softball, JV Softball, Jr High Softball
  • Jeff Stanley-Boys Soccer, JV Soccer
  • Daniel Williams-Girls Soccer
  • Ashton Traffanstedt-Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor
  • Allie Jones-Junior High Cheerleader Sponsor

(Crossville High School)

  • Dusty Darnell-Head Football
  • Chuck Dutton-Assistant Football
  • Jake Peek-Assistant Football, Head Boys Basketball
  • Ian Richards-Assistant Football, JV Baseball
  • Brian Pool-Assistant Football
  • Will Brock-B Team Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer
  • Jay Shankles-Head Girls Basketball, Softball
  • Molly Martin-JV Girls Basketball, JV Softball
  • Wesley Ikard-Head Volleyball
  • Ariel Johnson-B Team Volleyball
  • Jesse Martin-Baseball
  • Crystal White-Girls Soccer
  • Amanda Haston-Varsity Cheerleader

(Crossville Middle School)

  • David Stanley-Jr High Football
  • Dwight Rusk- 8th Boys Basketball, 7th Boys Basketball
  • Blake Wilkes- Jr High Girls Basketball
  • Kim Osborn- Jr High Volleyball, Jr High Cross Country
  • Luis Segura-Jr High Boys Soccer
  • Crystal White- Jr High Girls Soccer
  • Christa Blevins-Jr High Cheerleader

(Fyffe High School)

  • Paul Benefield- Head Football, Jr High Football
  • Steve Edge-Assistant Football
  • Tim Cochran-Assistant Football
  • Neal Thrash-Head Boys Basketball, B Team Boys Basketball, 9th Jr High Basketball, 8th Jr High Boys Basketball, 7th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball
  • Steve King-JV Girls Basketball, Head Girls Basketball, Jr High Girl Basketball
  • Brandi Rowell-Head Volleyball
  • Lindsey Little-B Team Volleyball
  • Heather Powell-Junior High Volleyball
  • Brad Thomas-Baseball, JV Baseball
  • Josh Moon-Jr High Baseball
  • Tonya Myers-Softball, JV Softball, Jr High Softball
  • Jodi Benefield-Boys Golf, Girls Golf
  • Cheri Williams-Boys Track, Girls Track
  • Connie Cochran-Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor
  • Ashley Bunch-JV Cheerleader Sponsor

(Geraldine High School)

  • Brad Waldrop-Head Football, JV Baseball
  • Tim Arnold-Assistant Football, Jr High Football, Jr High Baseball
  • Jamie Gilbert-Assistant Football, Assistant Boys Basketball, Baseball
  • Sid Gillian-Assistant Football
  • Joey Rowell-Head Boys Basketball, 9th Jr High Boys Basketball
  • Ryan Burns-8th Jr High Boys Basketball, 7th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball
  • Jeremy Smith-Head Girls Basketball, JV Girls Basketball, Jr High Girls Basketball, Boys Golf, Girls Golf
  • Alicia Cofield-B Team Volleyball, Jr High Volleyball
  • Julie West-Softball
  • Alicia Satterfield-JV Softball
  • Robin Bynum-Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country
  • Stephanie Poole-Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor
  • Leah Smallwood-Jr High Cheerleader Sponsor

(Henagar Jr High School)

  • Mitch Mitchell-8th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball, 7th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball, Jr High Girls Basketball

(Ider High School)

  • Brent Tinker-Head Football
  • Rob Hannah-Assistant Football
  • Chris Boggs-Assistant Football, Boys Golf
  • Casey Gaddis-Jr High Football, Baseball, JV Baseball, Jr High Baseball
  • Rusty Higdon-Head Boys Basketball, B Team Boys Basketball
  • Mark McMahon-8th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball, 7th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball
  • Dustin Bryant-Head Girls Basketball, JV Girls Basketball, Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country
  • Shannon Pruett-Jr High Girls Basketball
  • Sharlyn Huber-Head Volleyball, B Team Volleyball
  • Danette Townson-Jr High Volleyball
  • David Hughes-Softball, JV Softball
  • Deborah Durham-Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor
  • Jason Willoughby-Jr High Cheerleader Sponsor

(Plainview High School)

  • Nick Ledbetter-Head Football
  • Josh Clements-Assistant Football
  • Chase Parker-Assistant Football
  • Brad Bruce-Assistant Football
  • Nathan Ledbetter-Junior High Football
  • Robi Coker-Head Boys Basketball
  • Stanley Williams-Assistant Boys Basketball
  • Brett Benefield-9th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball, JV Baseball
  • Cody Coots-7th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball, 8th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball
  • Luke Griggs- Head Girls Basketball, Jr High Girls Basketball
  • Kyle Coots- JV Girls Basketball, Boys Tennis, Girls Tennis
  • Ali Moses-Head Volleyball, Junior High Softball
  • Tia Trotter-B Team Volleyball, Junior High Volleyball
  • Phillip Johnson-Baseball
  • Zach Mitchell-Jr High Baseball
  • Jeff Brooks-Softball
  • Whitney Whiteside-Jr High Softball
  • Brandi Selvage-Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor

(Sylvania High School)

  • Matt Putnam-Head Football
  • Jonathan McGill-Assistant Football
  • Michael Davis-Assistant Football
  • Ryan Clark- Assistant Football, Jr High Football, Baseball
  • Tyler Brooks-Head Boys Basketball, B Team Boys Basketball
  • Dustin Dalton-9th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball, 8th Jr High Boys Basketball, Jr High Volleyball,Boys Tennis, Girls Tennis
  • Kyle Finch- Head Girls Basketball, JV Girls Basketball
  • Rachel Whisenant-Jr High Girls Basketball
  • Monique Kittle-Head Volleyball, B Team Volleyball
  • Mitch Mitchell-Jr High Baseball
  • Holly Currie-Softball, JV Softball
  • Ben Pickett-Boys Golf
  • Karyn Pickett-Girls Golf
  • Michael Davis-Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer
  • Kim Corbin-Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor
  • Chelsey White-Jr High Cheerleader Sponsor

(Valley Head High School)

  • Heath Vincent-Head Football
  • Scott Clifton-Assistant Football, JV Baseball, Jr High Baseball
  • Mark Walsh-Assistant Football, Baseball
  • Chuck Williams- Jr High Football, Head Boys Basketball, B Team Boys Basketball, 9th Jr High Boys Basketball, 8th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball, 7th Grade Jr High Boys Basketball, Boys Golf, Girls Golf
  • Jamie Vest-Head Girls Basketball, JV Girls Basketball, Jr High Girls Basketball
  • Sandy Hulgan-Softball, JV Softball
  • Judith Crider-Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor, Jr High Cheerleader Sponsor

Volunteer Coaches

(Collinsville High School)

  • Teddy Helms-Football
  • Bear Jones-Basketball
  • Mike McElrath-Football

(Crossville High School)

  • Jason Sims-Football

(Fyffe High School)

  • Avery Samples-Volleyball
  • Jamie Hatch-Softball
  • Steve Cowart-Softball
  • Erik Magnusson-Track
  • Ethan Jones-Football, Baseball
  • Buddy Goolesby-Basketball
  • Anthony Greeson-Cheerleaders

(Henagar Jr High School)

  • Winston Wilks-Basketball

(Ider High School)

  • Shawn Traylor-Girls Basketball, Softball
  • Julie Corbin-Volleyball
  • Lora Corbin-Volleyball
  • Robert Elliott-Girls Softball
  • Roger Pruett-Girls Basketball

(Plainview High School)

  • Kristin Davis-Band
  • Brandon Freeman-Softball
  • Elijah White-Football
  • Josh York-Football
  • Don Black-Baseball
  • Saul Jose-Football
  • Monty Price-Softball
  • Jason Traylor-Softball

(Sylvania High School)

  • Sierra Murdock-Volleyball
  • Jordan Garcia-Football
  • Luke Smith-Football
  • Scott Smith-Football, Baseball
  • Ryan Haney-Football
  • Chad Murdock-Softball
  • Labron Hill-Golf
  • Will Jacobs-Basketball

(Valley Head High School)

  • Michaela Worthey-Basketball
  • Jimmy Phillips-Basketball
  • Craig Hulgan-Football
  • Matt Ogle-Football
  • Bobby Holloway-Jr High Boys Basketball


  • Lakala Willingham-Homebound
  • Sue Broyles-Homebound
  • Rayford Smith-Crossville Middle School Gifted Route
  • Jonnie Frost-21st Century Moon Lake Art Instructor
  • Barbara Davis-21st Century Collinsville Student Aide
  • Cindy Sanchez-21st Century Moon Lake Aide
  • Margaret Brown-Clerical Work-Central Office
  • Dr. Tony Bright-Assistant Principal-Leave for Crossville High School
  • Harold Guilford III- Contracted Maintenance Worker
  • Jennifer Barnett-Secondary Science Teacher-5 hour-Valley Head

Federal Programs Advisory Council:

  • Kelbi Ballenger, Katie Willingham, Amanda Hayes, Stevie Green, Bridget Ott, Mark McMahon, Kyle Finch, Renae Day, Westley King, Lisa Middlebrooks, Phillip Bryant, Brittany Sears, Marleni Corona, Dewey DeBoard, Luis Segura, Sara Parker, Amy Pointer, Jacob Malone, Christy White, Whitney Stiefel, Alicia Satterfield, Melissa Coker, April Hill, Jennifer Williams, Yolanda Lopez, Monica Corona, Kristie Phillips, Steve Street, Tony Bell, Randy Peppers, Thomas Whitton, Steve Whitmire, Chris Hairston, Tony Bartley, Jimmy Wilbanks, Dawn Osborne, Penny Benton, Chris Pierson, Gwen Stone, Desiree Henderson, Charlene Smothers, Heather Akers, Ashley Manning, Libbia Peek, Rosemary Chavez, Shane Pass, Maria Quintana, Sherri Hiett, Heidi Brooks, Jessica Turner, Tammy Jones, Tera Fortenberry, Gary Luther

The Board also approved the Policy Additions: Authority to Expend Funds without Board Approval and the Student Email Usage Policy.

The next DeKalb Board of Education will be held October 23, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Work Session will be held at 4:00 p.m.

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