Memories at DeSoto State Park
September 22, 2016 Share

Memories at DeSoto State Park

By Diego Reynoso, Operations Manager

I was browsing Facebook yesterday and noticed a video on Desoto State Park’s page.

It was produced by “For Him Films” for the park. It wasn’t titled but worth the watch. It is a short 3 minute video with highlights from the park. From the welcome center to the river and everything in between.

A family was shown hiking the trails and people riding bicycles. One mother and daughter were roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Every young campers dream of course.

When I saw the video it suddenly took me back to memories of when I was a child going to Desoto park.

The earliest memory was when my father worked at Merico bakery. Every year the company would hold their annual picnic there. Horseshoes and volleyball games were played while the kids played tag or hide and seek.

Co-workers, friends and families were together having a blast. In between meals and laughter us kids would hike the trails to the river. We would stay in the woods for hours it seemed like. Not a care in the world.

We would hunt bugs or try to catch fish with our bare hands, with no luck of course. Hide and seek in the woods was my favorite activity while we were there. We had endless places to hide and it took a long time to be found.

I remember my dad whistling to let us know the food was ready to eat and we would abandon our games or trail hikes for the smell of hot dogs and burgers. Tables would be lined up so we could all eat together.

It was almost like a huge family dinner. Someone would say grace so we could eat, while us kids nibbled on what we could, then we would start passing bowls and plates. These were great times and a great place. It is memories I will never forget.
It is also a memory you can create with your family and friends. I mean if you haven’t had the chance to visit than you need to. It’s good family fun that will last a lifetime.


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