Let’s Sing: Song of the Blessed
June 13, 2016
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Let’s Sing: Song of the Blessed

Lucas Pruett

Lucas Pruett

By Lucas Pruett

One of my favorite ways to prepare materials, whether it be sermons or writings, is to organize in series. It makes things i’m doing feel like they are part of something bigger and continous. A lot of my writings will be from the book of Psalms and that is due to my being drawn to the realness and ability they have to speak into our daily lives. From this point forward, all my writings on the book of Psalms will be titled “Let’s Sing”. Psalms are essentially songs and they are as true to our lives today as Don’t Stop Believing by Journey or Gone by Jr. Jr.(Go check it out. You will love it.) As you read my thoughts on paticular passages of Psalms and as you go check out that Psalm, then my prayer and plan is that we head back into our lives loudly singing these songs!

We all want to be “Blessed”. I can’t think of anything more that we want to be. Each time we punch that time clock, we want the blessing of our bosses and a nice fat paycheck. When a man courts a woman, he usually ask her father for his “blessing” to seek marriage with her. The idea of being blessed is something that has been around for as long as time. Thankfully for us, Psalm 1 leads us right into knowing what it means to be blessed by our heavenly Father.

Psalm 1:1 reads, “Blessed is the one…” My attention is full now and I hope yours is too. I love it when scripture just lays it out there for us. It may not always be the easiest thing to follow due to sin and resistance that we face everyday on this imperfect spinning ball we live on, but at least we can not say we don’t know what the expectations or requirements are. The next three verses tell us to not walk with the wicked, stand in the way sinners take, and sit in the company of mockers. Basically, let’s try to stay away from wickedness. That is a pretty obvious precursor for singing the Song of the Blessed, but its a reminder we always need and one I hope you heed today. However, the main scripture I wish to share is verses 4-5, which read “(Blessed is the one…) Whose DELIGHT is in the law of the Lord, and who MEDITATES on His law day and night.” These two words need to be stickynoted beside your bed by the end of the night. Seriously, do it. God is giving us the recipe of how to be his blessed children. His blessing falls squarely on those who delight in His law and meditate on it day and night. I don’t have room to go on a spill about the use of the word law here. For the sake of time, let’s just say Jesus/Law. Jesus is the fullfillment of the law. He is the whole point of all of this.

Our faith journey is about having a relationship with our Father through Jesus and not about following a legalistic set of rules. The Song of the Blessed is a song that can only be sung through delighting in Jesus and meditating on his words day and night. This looks different for all of us, but I can confidently say that you know if you delight in Jesus or not. You know if He is something you bubble up about when thinking of. You also know how much time you spend thinking on Him and His words. Friend, I challenge you this week to take an inventory of your life and start intentionally putting in times of Delighting and Meditating in your daily routines and schedule. Do you want to be Blessed? If I polled 100 of you, then you would all answer ‘YES”. God has given us the blueprint in this Psalm. Let us sing loud this week and let us prosper as opposed to just merely surviving. I write to you all through the love of Christ and hope you have an amazing week! As always,

any feedback or questions, contact me at writingonpurpose@gmail.com.

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