February 14, 2016
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Rainsville Citizen: I’m Embarrassed – Where is the outrage?

Dear Editor,

As a citizen of Rainsville, I am embarrassed. I’m embarrassed that members of the council think so little of the citizens that they’ve made our great town a laughing stock. I was embarrassed that when I was eating dinner in a neighboring town I had someone ask me “who they should ask for permission to drive through Rainsville.” I’m embarrassed.

My letter is in defense of Rainsville not any one person. Is this what we’ve become as a city? To allow these members of the council to believe they’re above the will of the people? To place petty games above the prosperity of our town? Where is the outrage? Where is any leadership from other council members on these issues, like long time councilman and mayor pro-tem Rodger Lingerfelt? I am very embarrassed that they all seem to be in agreement with these ridiculous tactics.

The first (recent) issue is that our Mayor has been threatened by Councilwoman Melissa Ledbetter to turn over the key to his own office or she will “involve the FBI”. Is this a joke? Can you imagine telling Northeast Alabama Community College President Dr. David Campbell that he could not have a key to his office? Or telling Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative General Manager Fred Johnson that if he wanted to be in his office after the Coop closed everyday he must check-in and get a key like he was using the restroom at a gas station? I’m embarrassed.

We voted and the Mayor was elected by the people. We will have the opportunity to vote again in a few short months. Until that time, I would prefer that the man we all elected to run our city for four years be able to get into his own office to do the work of the people.

Another issue seems to be that there’s some kind of accusation that the Mayor destroyed records but left a door unlocked. I’m embarrassed that anyone on the council would have this as their first thought. This would mean that the concerned Councilwoman Ledbetter has put petty, destructive games above our home. OUR HOME. Where is the outrage?

The fact of the matter is that we all know what’s going on. We’ve witnessed this for four years now. And even though we have relationships with these people and with their family members, even though we go to church with them, and our kids play ball with their kids, we can’t watch this any longer. I’m asking the citizens of Rainsville to not sit quietly by while our city is dragged through the mud (again) over self-serving, petty, immature games by this posse of rogue councilmembers. Again, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?


Charles Lanier

Citizen of Rainsville & Husband of retired City Treasurer Debbie Lanier

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  1. Regina Randolph
    Regina Randolph February 14, 16:04
    Charles, I agree with everything you said! Terribly embarrassing! And as far as "the posse" goes -- Where is the Lone Ranger when you need him?
  2. paul Stanley
    paul Stanley February 15, 01:00
    All of our city council thinks they were voted in office to be the mayor. There's a reckoning day coming and it's sooner than they think. People like me voted them in and people like me can vote them out. Paul Stanley

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